Bed Bugs & Moles


Moles and bed bugs are the most reported pests in Madison WI. Through the years, we have helped a lot of families and neighborhoods in Madison. These pests do not just go away with simple pesticides. The professional pest control Madison Wi residents and business owners need is here to handle all of your pest problems.

Bed bugs

Bed bugs are one of the most resilient pests. Bed bugs are flat, almond-shaped, reddish brown, and very tiny. They are transported through the most bizarre ways. They hitchhike on travel bags, luggages, and sometimes on travelers’ clothes and bodies. These bugs feed on human blood and leave rashes and hives on the skin. Their bites are itchy and may irritate children’s skin. When you see any sign of bed bugs in your home, you should call on the nearest bed bug exterminator in your area, especially if you are living with children.

Signs of bed bug activity

Bed bugs usually feed at night while humans are asleep. Their bites may result in skin rashes and allergies. Bed bugs bites can sometimes have psychological effects, too. They are spread through what experts call “hitchhiking”. When people travel, they unknowingly bring bed bugs with them. Bed bugs hitchhike on people, on clothes, on luggage, and on any other personal belongings, thereby accidentally transporting to other places. They have been found even in transportation vehicles. They prefer to stay close to their food source, which are humans, and will typically be found in your mattress, box spring or couch. Madison WI pest control can handle these resilient bed bugs.

Bed bugs can hide at the most hidden corner and crevice of your home. Yes, they are smart at hiding, but not smart enough to clean up their tracks and the evidence of their bloody crimes. You can always find their visible signs that will tell you that they are present and are hiding somewhere in your home. These careless clues are the best indicator that your room has been infested. The most common signs of bed bugs are:

Bed bugs can be very difficult to get rid of. Complete extermination of bed bugs from your home requires a strategic approach to even using different multiple treatment methods and procedures. It is very important to contact the best pest control Madison WI residents trust. Our team is knowledgeable and trained in bed bug control, so they can inspect your home and formulate the best treatment method.

Unfortunately, these pests have developed immunity to certain types of pesticides. But in most cases, any bed bug problem is controllable with professional care. In the past years, our team has successfully eliminated bed bugs and other pests from homes, hotels, office spaces, and different commercial spaces. We first review the bed bug situation. After a thorough inspection, we determine the best removal options for the bed bugs. While we treat your home, we make sure that your family’s safety is our top priority. Our bed bug elimination procedure is done in a chemical safe environment. As much as possible, we solve your bed bug problems in a fast and cost effective manner.

We have the best bed bug exterminators that residents need to effectively eliminate those pesky bed bugs.  They are skilled in handling pesticides that are specifically designed to exterminate bed bugs. Having the best bed bug exterminators with you on your fight against bed bugs puts you at a great advantage. You will win your fight against bed bugs if you get the top pest control Madison residents trust and recommend. Sleep soundly again. Don’t let the bed bugs bite. Exterminate all of them with just a single bed bugs extermination procedure. Our bed bugs treatment is the most effective bed bug treatment in the entire Madison area. We make sure that there won’t be any bed bug recurrence that will bother your sleep at night. Bed bugs should not have space in your homes.

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Moles are insectivores that live underground. They are burrowing pests that make a multi-tunneled pattern in your yard. They tend to live alone, but watch out for them if you have been putting a lot of effort for the aesthetics of your lawn. Moles feed on insects and insect larvae, but they are especially fond of white grubs, which are a common lawn pest. Given a choice, moles pick moist, sandy loam soils over dry, heavy clay soils. They are most active during warm, wet months, although they live underground year-round. They can be very difficult to evict that is why you should call for  pest control Madison to help you with this burrowing insectivore.

Moles are rodents that have a pointed snout, with enlarged feet that they use for digging and burrowing under the grounds of your porch. They have teeny tiny ears. They live underground in tunnels. They prey on earthworms, grubs, beetles, and other lawn pests. They look cute and do not bring much harm to humans compared to other rodents, but they are considered as pests because of the damage they do to people’s lawns as they dig underground tunnels. Their hills and ridges spoil the lawns and flowerbeds. Their underground tunneling, on the other hand, damages the roots of seedlings and may expose stones that may damage lawn mowers, grass cutters, and other lawn equipment. We recommend immediate consultation to Madison WI pest control authorities once you have noticed any mole activity in your lawn. A mole problem can develop very fast and may cause significant damage if not immediately taken care of. They multiply rapidly. They can procedure up to seven baby mole pups, and as they mature into adults, each of them establishes their own tunnel network. We know and we believe that prevention is better than cure, but there is very little that can be done to prevent moles from entering your property. All that can be done is to quickly eradicate them once they have appeared.

You may not be able to see them because they rarely rise up on the ground. It is not really advisable to approach them because they might bite you with their sharp teeth. The most visible sign of moles are the mole hills or the ridges caused by tunneling. Many Madison locals try to treat mole infestations on their own, but the percentage of success is too little. Pesticides and other Madison WI pest control treatments may contain harmful chemicals that need to be handled only by professional pest exterminators. Improper use of pesticides may lead to suffocation and intoxication. We can’t stress this enough, it is very harmful for untrained people to handle any pesticide. Our team who performs the procedures is fully equipped with protective gears. They are trained on how to handle pest exterminating equipment and how to properly utilize pest control chemicals and pest control equipment.They know how to safely and effectively remove pests. 

Do not risk doing pest extermination all by yourself, let us help you remove all those pests away. Let them experts do the job, they know better. They will safely and effectively remove the moles in your property. We do not want them to cause bigger damage to the soil and other plants in your garden. Like we said, it is a must that you call for professional pest control Madison to help you out. Small mole problems can quickly develop into big ones. Contact the best pest control service provider before these moles get out of hand.

Our team has studied that moles go away on their own, but by that time, they may have already made a big destruction underneath your lawn. Though it is nice that they are also preying on other lawn pests, they can be very destructive and the worse part is, we do not see how much they have destroyed because they work under the ground. Although moles do not present a concern of transmitting disease to humans or pets, professional mole removal is recommended if you’ve seen moles present in your yard. Mole populations can quickly grow and a small mole problem can quickly get out of control. As we said, they can be very hard to evict because they are underground. But don’t worry, we can handle it, we can safely remove them from your lawns that you worked so hard to maintain. We have experienced removing them from our previous clients’ lawns and they are very much satisfied with our Madison WI pest control service. We make sure that we trap them and remove them as humane as possible.

Our pest technicians are skilled, experienced professionals. They are licensed and insured. They are certified by the state of Wisconsin, so you can be sure that they are very careful and do their work properly. They have earned the certification they have through their hard work and training. To be able to maintain their expertise, we require them to attend continuous and regular training programs. They have studied and completely understood the behaviors of each species of pests. This is very important in formulating new and updated methods of pest control. We know that this is a must so that we can be able to provide exceptional pest control services. We also make sure that our team is respectful, courteous, and friendly to our clients. We  treat our clients as family and we care for them like we care about our own.Equipped with our knowledge on pests, we continue to develop the superior pest control Madison residents deserve.

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